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Temprite — a pioneer in the refrigeration industry — is one of the first companies to specialize in refrigeration components such as beer coolers and dispensing valves for soda fountains.



1st Conventional Oil Separator: 500 Series

Temprite develops the conventional oil separator in its current configuration and launches the 500 Series. Every conventional oil separator is a copy of the original Temprite separator.



600 Series: Hermetic Separators

The 600 Series of conventional oil separators is designed for OEMs who require the efficiency of an impingement screen separator but do not need accessibility for filter changes.



1st Coalescent Oil Separator: 900 Series

Temprite introduces the 900 Series; first commercially available high-efficiency coalescent oil separators.



1st High-Efficiency Coalescent Oil Separators: 920 Series

The 920 Series meets customer needs for energy savings, lower carbon emissions and increased system life.



920R Series Developed

The design of Temprite’s high-efficiency 920R Series incorporates a built-in reservoir.


1st Components for Refrigeration/Recovery: 300 & 1000 Series

Answering the need for higher energy efficiency and lower carbon emissions, coupled with the strictures of the Montreal Protocols, Temprite designs the first components for refrigerant reclaim/recovery units: the 320, 340 and 1000 Series.



1st Components for CO2 (R744): 130 Series

Temprite is the first company to develop a line of coalescent oil separators for CO2 (R744) — the 130 Series for transcritical applications. The 130 Series of products meet all regulatory requirements of the European Pressure Equipment Directive.



A Component for Every Refrigerant

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