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The OW3 OilWatch system is a self-contained system that provides oil level monitoring, alarm functionality and compressor shutdown.

The OW3 OilWatch uses a Hall sensor to measure the oil level.  A magnetic float changes its position according to the oil level. The Hall sensor converts these magnetic field changes into an equivalent signal.  The electronic controller converts the signal into the LED display that shows oil level.  If the oil level drops into the red zone, the OW3 generates an alarm signal and the alarm contact changes into alarm state. The latter may be used to shut down the compressor. If the oil level comes back to normal, the alarm is reset.

Part Number Model
83001001 OW3-01
83001002 OW3-02

Technical Data

Max working pressure 31 bar
Max test pressure PT 35 bar
Burst pressure 175 bar
Supply 24VAC
Voltage/current 50/60Hz +10/-15% 0.05A
Medium temp -20 to 80oC
Ambient temp -20 to 80oC
Protection class IP 65
Orientation Horizontal +/- 1o
Normal oil level 40-60% of sight glass height
Time delay alarm 20 seconds
Alarm contact max 3A 230VAC SPDT dry contact
Weight 500 – 600g
Applied standards EN378, EN61010 & EN61326

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