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Temprite oil management components are designed to maintain a stable oil system with a minimum of maintenance and monitoring.

Oil Level Controls (OLC)

OLCs control the flow of oil to the compressor in multiplexed rack/pack systems to maintain crankcase oil at the specified level.

Mechanical OLCs: Compressor Mounted

Both models of Temprite OLCs have dual sight glasses and can be mounted on either side of the compressor

TraxOil Electronic Oil Level Controls: Compressor Mounted

The full line of TraxOil electronic OLCs are available from Temprite, the North American distributor for TraxOil.


Oil Return Floats: Externally Mounted

Temprite oil return floats are externally mounted and include both hermetic and accessible.


For multiplexed rack/pack systems that require extra oil, Temprite manufactures four sizes of oil reservoirs.


Temprite has two sizes of reservoirs for CO2.

Pressure Differential IndicatorPressure Differential Indicator (PDI)

For use with coalescent oil separators.


Temprite has the right valve for any system.

Oil Pressure-Reducing Valves

High-Pressure Systems

Low-Pressure Systems

Rotalock Valve

Service Valves

Rotalock Valve

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