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Temprite adds to its line of liquid receiver products with new Horizontal Liquid Receivers for small to large-refrigerant systems. A liquid receiver is a storage tank for holding liquid refrigerant and is located after the condenser in a refrigeration system. It is an important part of any system because it ensures liquid refrigerant is entering the expansion device. Each receiver has inlet and outlet connections and a threaded port for installation of an over-pressure safety-relief device.

Temprite Liquid Receivers accommodate all refrigerants: carbon dioxide (CO2); hydrocarbons (HCs), including ethane, isobutane, and propane, and ammonia (NH3).

The smallest vertical receiver, Model VR6-12, has a bottom mounting stud. Fixed mounting feet are installed on Models VR8-16 through VR18-60. Models VR14-36 through VR18-60 also have lifting lugs in their top domes. All horizontal receivers have adjustable, removable mounting bases. The Model HR12-60 also has lifting lugs.

All receivers are welded and have steel components. Custom liquid receivers and options such as sight glasses and sensors are available on all models.

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Liquid Receivers

Liquid Receivers

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