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Product Certifications

Temprite’s products have been UL-listed for decades. Since December 2001, all products conform to the European Pressure Directive (PED). As customer refrigeration systems can vary greatly, each Temprite design is engineered and thoroughly tested to ensure consistent performance and durability. Every time there’s a new performance or safety standard to meet, Temprite products help customers meet it. Temprite products carry one or more of the following certifications: UL, ULC, CE, CRN ASME, KHK.*

WARNING: We have learned that counterfeit filters, gaskets and seals are being sold with false claims that they will work in Temprite oil separators. These counterfeit filters are missing parts, have the wrong parts, incorrect size parts and/or do not have instructions. They will not work in Temprite separators.

Genuine Temprite Products Refrigeration Components

Look for the Genuine Temprite Products® logo or Temprite on the filter end cap BEFORE you use the product.

Contact us if you receive counterfeit Fiters.

Temprite engineers work with customers and specialists in the field to develop products that work with the Latest refrigeration technology.

Let us know what you need for your system. We can produce liquid receivers and other high-pressure components for CO2 and NH3 applications to meet customer requirements. Contact Temprite for more information.


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North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council

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