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Part Number

Model #



Max. Working Press.



1/4″ SAE*

60 W 3 A 24v N.O

650 PSI

*SAE = 45° Aluminum Flare Connection

Temprite’s Pressure Differential indicator (PDI) lets you know when the filter inside a Temprite 920 or 920R Series coalescent oil separator should be changed.

  • A dirt-laden filter can severely affect the performance of a 920 or 920R Series oil separator.
  • Mounted atop or next to the Temprite 920 or 920R Series coalescent oil separator, the PDI measures the difference in pressure between the inlet and the outlet of the separator.
  • If the PDI shows 11 to 13 PSID differential pressure, with all compressors running, it’s time to change the filter.

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