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TraxOil Electronic Oil Level Controls


TraxOil products are approved by the
major compressor manufacturers.


TraxOil TR3General Information:

All versions use a hall sensor to measure the oil level. A magnetic float changes its position according to the oil level. The hall sensor converts these magnetic field changes into an equivalent signal, which is used by the internal electronic to show the actual oil level with LEDs and activate the integrated solenoid valve to feed missing oil directly into the compressor sump. For application in refrigeration systems according to EN 378.


  • An A-7 or Y11236C valve is not required with a TraxOil Electronic OLC.
  • TR4 is developed for HFC refrigerants, subcritical CO2 and specified HFO blends.
  • TR5 is specially adapted to the requirements of transcritical CO2 systems and must be used with dedicated types of CO2 adapters.

⚠ Safety Instructions:

  • Read operating instructions thoroughly. Failure to comply can result in device failure, system damage or personal injury.
  • According to EN 13313 it is intended for use by persons having the appropriate knowledge and skill.
  • In a severely contaminated system, avoid breathing acid vapors and avoid contact with skin from contaminated refrigerant / lubricants. Failure to do so could result in injury.
  • Before opening any system make sure pressure in system is brought to, and remains at, atmospheric pressure.
  • Do not exceed the specified maximum ratings for pressure, temperature, voltage and current.
  • Before installation or service, disconnect all voltages from system and device.

Note: Float contains lead and has to be recycled in case of disposal!

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