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Part Number Model
83005203 TR5203
83005215 TR5215


Traxoil Electronic Oil Level Controls Operation

TR4 and TR5 are fully level controlled. The sight glass of each device is divided into three operational zones. When the level reaches the yellow zone (Yellow) the TR starts filling after a time delay of 10 sec. A further level drop to the red zone (Red) will switch the alarm relay after a time delay of 20 sec/120 sec. The current status is indicated with the 3 LEDs according to the following table:

Operating Condition/Status Function Contact Position LED
Supply power is off or normal oil level (<50%) OK BK-BU close
BK-BN open
Oil Level (close 40%) Injection Green
Oil Level < 40% Injection Yellow
Oil level too low < 30% Alarm + Injection BK-BU open
BK-BN close

Technical Data

Max working pressure PS 870 Psig 1885 Psig (inlet), 1450 Psig (outlet)
Solenoid coils/Supply voltage ASC3-24VAC: 24VAC±10%, 50/60 Hz, 17VA ASC3-24V-60Hz: 24VAC±10%, 60 Hz, 35VA
Solenoid valve max MOPD at
24VAC -0%
435 Psig (50 Hz, ASC3-)
290 Psig (60 Hz, ASC3-)
1450 Psig  (ASC3-24V-60Hz)
Flow Rate and Differential Pressure between inlet and outlet TR5
(Oil type Reniso C85E, oil temperature 54°C)
0 Supply Voltage 24V -0% (60Hz)
Supply Voltage 24V -10%(60 Hz)
Current 0.7 A
Alarm contact rating 3A/230 VAC
Alarm switch SPDT
Time delay filling 10 sec.
Time delay alarm 20 sec.

Note: The numbers in brackets correspond to legends of Fig. 1. (See Installation Instructions)
*M6 screws for fastening are not part of delivery. 

⚠ Safety Instructions:

  • Read operating instructions thoroughly. Failure to comply can result in device failure, system damage or personal injury.
  • According to EN 13313 it is intended for use by persons having the appropriate knowledge and skill.
  • In a severely contaminated system, avoid breathing acid vapors and avoid contact with skin from contaminated refrigerant / lubricants. Failure to do so could result in injury.
  • Before opening any system make sure pressure in system is brought to, and remains at, atmospheric pressure.
  • Do not exceed the specified maximum ratings for pressure, temperature, voltage and current.
  • Before installation or service, disconnect all voltages from system and device.

Note: Float contains lead and has to be recycled in case of disposal!

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