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920R Series Compatible with Ammonia Refrigerants

Ammonia Refrigerants (NH3 Refrigerants )

Ammonia or NH3 is a naturally occurring compound, comprised of nitrogen and hydrogen, two of the most abundant gases on our planet.  Ammonia is one of the oldest refrigerants and is widely used in industrial refrigeration applications.  It is inexpensive to produce, has very good thermodynamics, and is most certainly compatible with the environment.

920 & 920R Series Oil Separators

Temprite offers ammonia compatible versions of both its 920 & 920R Series separators designed for 650 PSI. Because ammonia is a cleaning agent, more dirt is removed from the system and deposited in the filter.  The ammonia compatible versions of the 920 & 920R separators offer easy accessibility to the Temprite filter for changes.

Cost & Energy Savings

Properly designed coalescing separators remove 95% to 99% of the oil from a system’s mass flow while maintaining the same level of effectiveness even at low system velocities and loads. This is especially important for large-scale refrigeration systems.

60% of a grocery store’s cost of operation is refrigeration. Temprite’s 920 & 920R Series Cost Savings Calculator allows you to see how much energy and money you’ll save based on your type of system, the price of energy, run time, and total capacity. You’ll see how savings can multiply, based on the number of stores, both annually and for an estimated 10-year life of the system. 

See our Cost Savings Calculator to find out how much you can save.


Temprite • Natural Refrigerant Compatible

The volatility challenges of natural refrigerants require smart engineering and innovative manufacturing. Temprite specializes in energy-efficient coalescent and conventional oil separators, oil reservoirs, liquid receivers, and refrigerant oil management products for all refrigerants including natural refrigerants: ammonia (NH3), carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrocarbons (HCs)

  • The 130 Series of coalescent oil separators, reservoirs, and drier shells meet the increasing demand for transcritical CO2 products that deliver high efficiency, significant energy savings, and the potential for smart utilization of waste heat in the transcritical CO2 environment. 130 Series products are compatible with all refrigerants at all pressures and are suitable for subcritical CO2 applications where pressure is above 44.8 bar (650 PSI).
  • 130 Series oil separators have an MWP of 140 bar (2030 PSI)* and the most efficient oil-refrigerant filtering and separation technology available, with a 98.5%+ nominal separation efficiency rating across the widest range of mass flows. Connection options: ODS, BW, or NPT.
    * See Temprite Series 130 for details.
  • The 920 & 920R Series of coalescent oil separators are compatible with all refrigerants including traditional refrigerants, uncritical CO2, HCs and ammonia (NH3). 920 and 920R Series separators offer easy accessibility to the Temprite Standard Filter for changes. Both Series offer a choice of Imperial or metric ODS connections.
  • Temprite’s 300 and 900 Series of hermetic coalescent oil separators are compatible with subcritical CO2, hydrocarbons, and traditional refrigerants.
  • The 500 Series of accessible impingement conventional oil separators are compatible with subcritical CO2, HCs, and traditional refrigerants.
  • The 600 Series of hermetic impingement conventional oil separators are compatible with subcritical CO2, HCs, and traditional refrigerants. Models 606 and 607 are ammonia compatible on request.

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