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HBSO1 Oil Level Sensor



Part #


Working Press.

A Dia.

B Dim.

C Dim.

D Dim.

E Dim.

F Dim.

G Dim.*

H Dim.


HBSO1 Sensor
¾” MPT

150 bar
2175 psi

15 mm

92 mm

22 mm

192 mm

40 mm

52 mm

22 mm

27 mm

*Thread connection size: 3/4″

The HPBA Voltage Convertor for HBSO1 is now available.

HBSO1 is an oil level sensor for detecting common lubricating oils in separators and filter systems, for oil management and oil level control, as well as for compressor protection.

The HBSO1 serves as an oil level sensor for transcritical CO2 applications, and senses the oil level in compressors and activates alarms.  It can be installed in the compressor to secure or control lubrication for both high- and low-pressure applications.

  • The HBSO1 can also be installed in the oil separator or reservoir.

The HBSO1 is superior to optical sensors because it is:

  • low maintenance;
  • not affected by oil coating, and;
  • not affected by foam and splashing

The HBSO1 switches on when oil is present (detects refrigerant oils such as PAO, PAG, and POE).  The HBSO1 provides a digital signal to the controller to activate alarms or operate oil return valves, if desired.

  • Replaces sight glass
  • No moving parts
  • Electrical connection can be separated from sensor.
    • Split design for easy mounting and testing without depressurization.

The schematic below shows the HBSO1 oil level sensor and HBOC oil level control sensor & switch on a single-stage system.

HBOC/HBSO1 Schematic

The Single-Stage Transcritical CO2 Plant below shows how the HBSO1 and HBOC can be used in a single-stage system.

Single-Stage Transcritical CO2 Plant

The Two-Stage Transcritical CO2 Plant below shows how the HBSO1 and HBOC can be used in a two-stage system.
Two-Stage Transcritical CO2 Plant


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